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There are many lodging options in Duluth from a hotel on the lakeshore to a Super 8 in West Duluth.  Click on the locations below to view the lodging opportunities in that area:

Canal Park

Downtown Duluth

West Duluth

East Duluth

Miller Hill



Superior, WI

North Shore

There are also mom and pop hotels in Duluth not listed above.  In East Duluth on London Road:

Chalet Motel - 218-728-4238

In West Duluth you will find:

West Duluth Hotel - 218-624-9776

There are camping opportunities near Duluth as well.  Probably the best campgrounds in Duluth and nearest the race course are the Spirit Mountain Campground and Indian Point Campground.  Click below to see a list of campgrounds in the Duluth area.  Call ahead to make sure the campgrounds are still open for the season.

Camping in Duluth

Go to to find other things to do in Duluth:

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